Having your holiday & making music in the midst of France from August 10 to 17, 2013.

Making music in various ensembles, from two circus tents full of instruments and amplifiers.

Or singing in a choir, sometimes in nearby churches or cloisters. Combination possible.

Under the professional guidance of an excellent band coach and an experienced conductor.

A few hours daily. All day long, if you prefer.

Aiming at three presentations at the end of the week.

Easy to combine with walking, biking or whatever you and your family or friends like doing in your holidays.

At an open spot in the woods of a 3 star naturist campsite, squeezed between fields of barley.


This song of Sting not only refers to these beautiful and quiet surroundings, but also to our musical preference: light, lingering on a terrace in late summer, startling tunes, easy listening, instrumental and singing. Light classical music will be appreciated too.