Enthusiasm is more important than virtuosity. There is room for different styles and genres. The main thing is that you enjoy making music and/or singing in different ensembles. Your personal input will be appreciated.

Participants are up until 80 years of age. Minimum age is 13. The number of participants will be 15 at the least and 40 at the most.

Participants from various countries are being expected, so the main language will be English (continental style).


€ 135,- (some 110 pounds) are charged for a Passé-partout. Costs of travelling, stay and meals non included. Those can be arranged at Creuse Nature by yourself. Just singing the choire costs € 55,- (some 37 pounds). Free access to the presentations for your family and friends.

After application a bill will be sent. Your registration will be final when your payments are being received. In case of cancellation up until four weeks before beginning, 50% will be refunded.

If you inscribe before the 31st of May, you will receive a reduction of € 20,- 
resp. € 10,-